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Hitch Sunray Shadow 1.5'' (38mm)

3,06 €
An age old classic, the Sunray is without doubt one of the most prolific patterns available and in the hitch form, it is a must for any fisherman when it comes to 'tooling up.' The key to hitching is to start with a fly actually 'hitches' by which we mean, one that stays on the surface to give the illusion of skating quarry. All to often the fly will become wet and submerge. Not so with the Fulling Mill hitches which have been tweaked on several occasions to ensure that the body remains light and the hitch holes remains proportionately far up the body to keep the fly up. Fishing the hitch is one of the most engaging forms of fishing, you get to watch the fly work it's way across the water and often, if there, you can use this method to identify a taking salmon. However when they are in an aggressive mood, they will strike hard at the hitch and your away.
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