This year, as usual, we will meet at our traveling FLY FISHING SCHOOL! Here you will learn to cast, to fish and to have a good time on the water.
Ernestas Keturka, your main instructor, has more than 20 years of fly fishing experience, is a winner of multiple Lithuanian fly fishing cups, an FFF certified fly casting instructor that never gets bored of fly fishing or travelling.
During the MUSELINE.LT classes you will learn everything from the basics, such as the main knots, leader types, fly types and fishing techniques to more advanced stuff such as long distance, accurate casts. The more you want it, the more you learn!
The lessons will be held both in the biggest cities in the countries and in more remote areas, close to our favourite fishing spots. You will find the approximate schedule for upcoming months below. This schedule applies for group lessons that take place during the weekends. You can also available book a private lesson on other dates. Feel free to contact us for more details.

The schedule will be constantly updated

One casting lesson lasts for about 2-3 hours
One casting lesson costs – 50€

Five casting lessons cost – 150€ (30€/lesson)

It’s not necessary to have your own rod. You can always use our equipment, just make sure to inform us about it during your registration. It is highly recommended to use your personal rod whenever possible because our equipment is likely to differ from the one you use.

Minija or Jūra

An introduction to fishing lines
Fly casting tutorial, introduction to fishing streamers

2019.04.06  10:00Žemaitija (Minija or Jūra)First step, how the fly line works.
2019.04.06  13:00Žemaitija (Minija or Jūra)Cast from water, streamers
2019.04.13  10:00Dzūkija (Žiūrai, Ūla)First step, how the fly line works.
2019.04.13  13;00Dzūkija (Žiūrai, Ūla)Cast from water, streamers
2019.04.20  10:00Žemaitija (Minija or Jūra)First step, how the fly line works.
2019.04.20  13:00Žemaitija (Minija or Jūra)Cast from water, streamers
2019.04.28  10:00Žemaitija (Minija)First step, how the fly line works.
2019.04.28  13:00Žemaitija (Minija)Cast from water, streamers