Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

General provisions
This privacy policy (hereinafter policy) states the principles and rules upon which customer personal data on the internet website, whose web adress is (hereinafter is processed.
The Personal Data you provide on will be processed in compliance with this policy, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on protection of personal data, other official legislation in the Republic of Lithuania that govern the processing and protection of such data.
2. Personal data processing goals
We acknowledge and respect the constitutional right to privacy that any person to visit the website and use any services provided on the website has. We can collect and use your personal data, such as first and last name, adress, phone number, e-mail, and other information you provide in the registration form on the website in order to:
a) process the searches and orders of goods or services (hereinafter services) that you make within the website.
b) for other specified means, including processing your personal data for marketing purposes, which is only done upon gaining your agreement.
3. Processing non-personal data
Your non-personal data such which is data that is related to your activity on the website and/or your use of the services can be anonymously processed for statistical purposes during various statistical research.  Either way, such processing of data does not allow to directly or indirectly identify you. We reserve the right to provide anonymous statistical information to third parties in individual cases,
4. Transferring data to third parties
We reserve the right to provide personal data to third parties under conditions that are laid out in the section number 2 of Conditions, and in only in an amount that is necessarily required to achieve these goals.
We will not uncover your personal data to third parties under any conditions other than those that are found here or without having your agreement in advance, except the cases in which we must uncover your personal data in accordance to the Lithuanian Republic law.
5. Information on your computer
We reserve the right to upload information, commonly known as Cookies, into your computer whenever you are using our website. This information assists you during your visit at and assures that you don’t have to provide your data every time you visit the website. You can delete of block this information rom your computer by changing your internet browser settings.
6. Submitting and renewing personal data
We need to get accurate personal data in order for us to fulfil your requests and orders on the website accurately and efficiently. Therefore, you need to provide accurate data in the registration forms found in and update it yourself immediately after it changes.
7. Third party websites
We are not responsible for the way that your personal data is processed in websites that belong to third parties. We are not responsible for any of the privacy policies or activities found in third party websites, including those that you accessed directly from links that you found on
We recommend you to get familiar with the privacy policies in every website you visit that is not owned by us.
8. Personal data security
when managing your personal data on the website, we use safe organizational and technical tools that provide security for your personal data and prevent it from being illegally destroyed, changed or uncovered, as well as any other illegal actions.
9. Notices
Inform the team about any requests or complaints you may have that are related to
10. Agreement
11. Copyright
It is illegal to use textual of digital information found on on any other website or media tools without getting being permitted to do so by
The copyright to the information on the website belongs to legal and natural persons, as shows next to any textual or digital information. All rights to information that does not belong to third parties belong to
12. Changing the conditions
We reserve the right to partially or fully change these conditions by informing about the changes on the website and/or in a letter to the e-mail you provided. Using the website after the changes have been made means that you agree with them.
13. Final provisions
The Lithuanian Republic law applies to these conditions. Any issue will be resolved by mutual agreement. If a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the issue will be resolved in accordance to Lithuanian Republic law in court.