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Naujas seniai žinomų klijų Aquasure ir Stormsure pakaitalas bridkelnėms, ar kitiems neperšlampamiems daiktams klijuoti. Didesnis kiekis - už mažesnę kainą!

9,30 €

Aquafix Eco is a modern ECO-impact product to seal and fix leak areas, tears and holes. This water proof technology product can be used for waders, any un-coated or PU-coated fabrics, nylon, canvas, technical fabrics, rubber, swimming mattress, rainwear, rips, packs and sags. Aquafix Eco is also suitable for use on Silnylon or any other silicone based materials. It cures to a tought very flexible rubber surface with excellent resistance to cold and heat. And the best of all, its ECO-impact life is long; non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent free, low odor due to the lack of harmful chemicals , all freight form qualified, ecologically sustainable packaging and shipping, and safe for its users. Attention: GULFF Aquafix Eco is a sealant, not a glue. HOW TO USE: First clean the repair area well - for example, with isopropyl alcohol. Apply a thin layer of Aquafix to cover the hole or leaking area and allow 12-24 hours to cure . No need for UV light curing.

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