Conditions of sales or purchase


Conditions of sale of purchase

1. General provisions.

1.1. These conditions of sale or purchase (hereinafter conditions) is a mandatory law document that states the rights, duties, and responsibilities that both the seller and the buyer have in the process of purchase in the e-store.

1.2. The seller reserves the right to change, fix, or add to the rules at any time in accordance to the requirements set by law. The buyer will be informed of any changes on the website. When the user is shopping at the e-store, the rules that were in place at the time of the order apply.

1.3. Who can use the e-store?

1.3.1. the person is an adult and their capacity of action is not limited by law;

1.3.2. a person over the age of 14 but under the age of 18 has to have an agreement from their caretakers or have the ability to dispose of their finances freely;

1.3.3. legal persons;

1.3.4. legal representatives of the people mentioned above.

1.4. By approving the conditions, the seller guarantees that a person that fits within the rules of 1.3. has the right to make purchases on the e-store.

1.5. An agreement between the buyer and the seller is considered to be made from the moment that the buyer has made a shopping cart, provided an adress, chosen a payment method, is familiar with the buying conditions and presses the “Confirm the order’ button (Condition nr. 5 “Ordering, prices, payment, and deadlines”).

1.6. Each agreement made between the buyer and the seller is kept in the e-store.

2. Protection of personal data.

2.1. A customer can order from the e-store by:

2.1.1. completing the registration form on the e-store by inserting the data needed;

2.1.2. without completing registration on the e-store.

2.2. When ordering with one of the ways stated in 2.1., the buyer must provide the necessary information needed to sucessfully process the payment: First Name, Last Name, delivery adress, phone number, and e-mail.

2.3. By accepting these conditions, the buyer agrees that the data provided in 2.2. would be processed in the e-store for purposes of marketing and activity analysis.

2.4. By agreeing for the personal data to be processed for selling goods and services in the provided e-store, the buyer also agrees for informational messages concerned with the order to be sent via mobile and e-mail.

2.5. By registering on the e-store and placing an order, the buyer undertakes not to reveal the login details to anyone and keep them secret.

3. Buyer rights and commitments.

3.1. The buyer had the right to make purchases on the e-store in accordance to the rules set out in these conditions.

3.2. The buyer had the right to terminate the agreement of sale or purchase with the e-store by informing the seller via e-mail and by pointing out the good that is to be returned as well as the order number not later than 14 working days after the order was delivered, apart from cases where the agreement cannot be terminated due to LR law. For example, when the agreement was concerned with selling higene-related goods, find more information on that in the “Vertotoj┼│ centras” website, ÔÇ×Ne maisto preki┼│ gr─ů┼żinimo ir keitimo ypatumaiÔÇť point number 18.

3.3. In accordance to the rules in 3.2. the buyer can use this right only if the goods were not damaged, it remained in a brand-new condition and has not been used.

3.4. The buyer agrees to pay the full price for the goods that they order.

3.5. If the details that the buyer provided in the registration form have changed, they have to update them immediately.

3.6. The buyer undertakes not to give their login data to third parties. If the buyer forgets their login details, they must inform the seller about it in the “Contact Us” sections with the means of contact provided.

3.7. By using the e-store, the buyer agrees to these conditions of sale or purchase and undertakes to comply with them and to comply with the LR law.

4. Seller rights and commitments.

4.1. The seller undertakes to create the necessary conditions for the buyer to use the serviced that the e-store has to offer.

4.2. If the buyer is attempting to negatively affect the work and safety of the e-store or does not comply with their commitments, the seller has the right to limit or completely stop the buyer from using the e-store and, in special cases, delete the user’s registration.

4.3. The seller undertakes to respect the buyer’s right to keep their personal information provided in the registration form private.

4.4. The seller undertakes to deliver the order to the provided adress.

5. Ordering, prices, payment methods and deadlines.

5.1. The buyer can place an order on the e-store 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

5.2. The agreement is effective as of the moment that the buyer presses the “Confirm order” button and when the order is confirmed by the seller via a confirmation letter send by email.

5.3. The prices shown in the order are in Euros and include VAT.

5.4. The buyer pays for the order in one of the following ways:

5.4.1. payment via online banking – a payment method that includes the use of an online banking system that is used by the buyer. In order to use this form of payment the buyer has to have an active agreement with one of the following banks: “SEB”, “Swedbank”, “Luminor”, “Parex”, “┼¬kio bankas”, “Danske Bank”, “Nordea”. The buyer makes a transaction into the store’s bank account. In this case, the financial responsibility is bestowed upon the bank, as all financial operations are carried through in the bank’s online banking system.

5.4.2. Payment by wire transfer – this type of payment requires the buyer to print the order and visit a local bank, where a transaction will be made into the store’s bank account.

5.5. The buyer undertakes to pay for the order immediately. The order is only processed and sent out for delivery after the payment is received.

6. Delivery.

6.1. Upon placing an order that needs to be delivered, the buyer undertakes to provide an accurate delivery adress.

6.2. The buyer undertakes to take in the order. If the buyer is not able to be there to accept the order, however, the order was delivered at the adress provided, the buyer does not have the right to make any claims toward the seller.

6.3. The order is delivered via a carrier service chose by the seller.

6.4. The buyer delivers the order within the deadline provided in the product description. These terms are preliminary and do not apply to situations when the seller does not have the ordered goods in store and the buyer in informed about it. The buyer agrees that in exceptional cases that are not a result of something that the seller would be directly to blame, the order can arrive late. The seller undertakes to contact the buyer immediately and agree upon new delivery terms.

6.5. In all cases, the seller is not held responsible for not delivering the order at the given deadline if the order is not received or received too late by the seller due to circumstances where the seller would not be directly to blame.

6.6. The buyer undertakes to immediately inform the seller if the package is damaged upon delivery and if the goods inside the delivered package are not as they were ordered.

6.7. Whenever the buyer notices a damaged package, they undertake to submit this information in the order delivery document or by writing a separate document regarding the damage. The buyer must do so in the presence of the carrier. If such action has not been taken, the seller is not held at fault for any damages to the package that were not makred in the delivery document provided by the carrier.

7. Product quality, liabilities.

7.1. The data regarding every product sold on the e-store is provided within the description next to every product available in the store.

7.2. The seller is not responsible if any of the products do not match their size, colour, shape of other parameters if this mismatching has been caused by the qualities of the computer monitor used by the buyer.

7.3. The buyer provides a certain liability period to some of the products sold on the store. This period in shows amongst other conditions in the product description.

7.4. If the seller does not provide a liability period, the liability period is consistent with the law.

8. Refunding and replacing.

8.1. Any minor defects to the products will be fixed, if the product is faulty, it will be replaced according to a 2001 June 29th law Nr. 217 “Regarding refunding and replacement rules”, where rules for refunding and replacing where approved, apart from special cases when the contract cannot be terminated in accordance to LR law (when an agreement is made in relation with selling products for hygiene – sheets. Find any relevant information in the “Vartotoj┼│ centras” website:, ÔÇ×Refunding and replacing non-edible goodsÔÇť 18.). The money for refunded products can only be transferred to the buyers bank account.

8.2. In order to get a refund or a replacement according to 8.1., the buyer can do so within 14 working days after the order was delivered. To do so, the buyer must inform the seller by contacting one of the contacts provided on the e-store’s website by providing the name of the product to be refunded, the order number and reason for returning the products.

8.3. The buyer must agree to these conditions when returning a product:

8.3.1. the product to be returned has to be in its original package;

8.3.2. the product cannot be damaged by the buyer;

8.3.3. the product cannot be used or damaged in any way (the original tags must be on, as well as the protective films and other original packaging). This does not apply when faulty products are returned;

8.3.4. the product needs to be fully equipped upon being returned;

8.3.5. the buyer needs to provide a document that would prove the purchase.

8.4. The seller can refuse the return if the buyer does not undertake to the conditions stated in 8.3.

8.5. When returning a faulty or otherwise wrong product, the seller undertake to replace the product with products of good quality.

8.6. If the seller does not have an identical product for replacement, the exact amount paid by the buyer is refunded (excluding delivery costs).

9. Buyer and seller responsibility.

9.1. The buyer is fully responsible for providing accurate personal data. If the personal data provided in the registration form is inaccurate, the seller is not responsible for any effects it may cause and has the right to seek compensation if any damages are cause by the inaccurate data.

9.2. The buyers are responsible any actions made while using this e-store.

9.3. A registered buyer is responsible for providing their login data to third parties. If a third-party is using the services offered by the e-store while logged in as the buyer, the seller will consider this third-party to be the buyer.

9.4. The seller does not hold any financial responsibility when damages are caused because the buyer is not aware of these conditions for sale or purchase, as it was recommended by the seller to read them and all ability to do so was provided.

9.5. If the e-store has link to websites belonging to other organizations or people, the seller is not responsible for the information provided on these websites or their activity. The seller does not regulate or have any control over these people or organizations.

9.6. If any damage is done, the perpetrator has to compensate any direct damages.

10. Marketing and information.

10.1. The seller can initiate sales and discounts on their own discretion.

10.2. The seller can release, change, or delete any sale conditions unilaterally. Any change in sale condition is only valid after the change has been made.

10.3. The seller sends information only by means of communication provided by the buyer in the registration form.

10.4. The buyer should send any questions to emails or phone numbers provided in the “Contact us” section of the website.

10.5. The seller is not held responsible if the buyer does not receive any messages due to faults in internet connection, email providers or other faults.

11. Final provisions.

11.1. These conditions of sale or purchase are created in accordant to LR law.

11.2. Any disagreements regarding the enforcement of these rules should be dealt with by a negotiation. If a negotiation is impossible, the disagreements are dealt with in accordance to LR law.