Children Fly Fishing Camp

In 2019/20 we took a new step here at “”. We started planning and actually organizing fly fishing camps for children throughout the summer. This was done with the thought that not only our future but the future of Lithuanian rivers, lakes, forests and banks relies solely on these children. We wanted to show that nature can provide an endless supply of relaxation. And you do not need to litter everywhere in order to have a great time outdoors as well!

What we did not expect is that while we were teaching these children, they would end up teaching us so much as well. We have forgotten about the enthusiasm and a never-ending desire to fish, only to be gladly reminded by the young. This not only provided energy for the rest of the season but plenty to think about as well!

Children Fly Fishing Camp 2020

Of course, after having such a great experience last year, we couldn’t skip on organizing the camp once again in 2020. We can feel ourselves grow together with the future generation and the sheer excitement of being able to show the wild nature of Lithuania thrills us to bits. Only those who truly have seen its beauty can understand how special it is. this is a chance for your child to find just that.

As in 2019/20, these camps aren’t only about fly fishing. We will set up a programme that is made by psychologists, and all of the activities are led not only by the EFFF certified casting instructor Ernestas Keturka but by ichthyologists and our child psychologist as well.
We seek to provide a true, pure, wild experience, therefore, we are all sleeping in a tent and will be preparing our own camp by building tents, gathering firewood, cooking on the fire etc.


There will be a total of 9 fly fishing camps for children next year, which means you can find a time that fits you best.

2021 05 31 – 06  04
2021 06 07 – 06 11
2021 06 14 – 06 18
2021 06 21 – 06 25
2021 06 28 – 07 02
2021 07 05 – 07 09
2021 07 12 – 07 16
2021 07 19 – 07 23
2021 07 26 – 07 30

Participation in the camp costs 350 euros per person.

The price includes:
Gathering children from Vilnius or Kaunas
Bringing the children back to Vilnius or Kaunas
Waders and wading boots
Fly fishing rods, flies
Tent (if needed)

You need to have your own casual clothes and protection from insects.

Join Us!

You can contact us to join the fly fishing camps for next summer already!

Ernestas Keturka