About us

Museline.lt was founded in 2010, in the city of Kaunas, and it quickly became the star that leads the way to an uprising community of a new generation of fly fishermen in Lithuania.


It’s the main principle behind everything we do. This is reflected in all of our activities, social projects, lessons, events and films we do with the hopes of improving the fishing culture in Lithuania.



Spreading the passion for fly fishing and nature.
Creating educational and promotional films about fishing.
Organising events, seminars, lessons. Social projects aiming to improve the environment and protect salmon.
Distributing fly fishing gear and providing services related to it.
Organizing fishing trips locally and abroad.


Environmental sustainability
Sustainable recreational fishing
Catch & release


Everything that we do is possible only because of the people that we are surrounded by. That’s why we try to create relations by giving back as much value as possible. Though the core of our team is quite small, we have many enthusiastic people around us. Sharing the passion, altruism, noble goals, a will of self-realization and a goal to leave a better environment behind us. These are the things that allow us to move forward and never give up on our goals.