Vision Musta Michelin Wading Boot Review


Musta Michelin is the latest wading boot from the ever-growing Finnish fly fishing company, Vision. A unique blend of style and performance, they come at a reasonable price point for the quality of the product on offer.

Needless to say, I had to get them and test the new Musta Michelin wading boots by Vision. The boots were tested in an array of conditions in order to provide a measured, honest review. Although not perfect (as, unfortunately, is every other wading boot), the new Musta’s were positively surprising! Let’s get right into the details

Michelin Sole

You might have already found something rather familiar in the name of the new Vision Musta Michelin wading boots. The Finnish company have actually started working together with the world-famous tire manufacturer Michelin in order to come up with the perfect sole for wading boots. They have used their vast knowledge of rubber qualities and grip patterns and the result is the best rubber sole that I have ever tried on a pair of wading boots.

Although the boots do not come with tungsten studs (do not get fooled by their ad pictures!) they do have a total of 14 indented circles in each sole that mark the best spots to add studs if you ever need the extra grip.

The Grip

We’ve just talked about how the soles should perform in theory. But how do they do in real-life conditions? Are they as great as you’d expect them to be? The answer could be both yes and no, depending on your expectations. However, it did feel superior to any rubber sole that I have previously tried.

Wading Vegetation-Filled Water

The new Musta Michelin wading boots felt flawless when wading in waters that had a substantial amount of vegetation on the river floor. While regular rubber soles tend to perform fine in such conditions, I never felt as steady on the water as I did with these. As long as there’s something to grip on to, you can be sure that the Michelin sole will do just that. Whether the bottom is muddy, sandy, or rocky with a fair amount of vegetation on the rocks, these would be the wading boots I’d go for. No doubt.

Wading On Slippery Rocks

I wish I could say that the new Musta Michelin wading boots by Vision took care of the need for felt soles when wading on extra slippery surfaces. However, I cannot. Felt is still king when it comes to wading rocky mountain streams and my recent trip to the North of Norway proved just that.

Although the Michelin sole did feel superior to regular rubber soles, I never felt truly comfortable when fighting rapid streams on slippery rocks. Therefore, felt should still be your go-to when wading such conditions. No big news here.

On Land

The way that these boots grip on land was very surprising. It made me want to go on a hike with them and even though I haven’t yet, I have no doubt that these would hold their own against many hiking boots out there. Thus, this is a perfect option for every fisherman that tends to walk from spot to spot a lot.

Comfort and Support

When it comes to comfort and support, the new Musta Michelin is not that much different from its predecessor, Musta Gummi. In this case, that is not a bad thing! When it comes to wading boot ankle support, these do not lack anything. The boot itself is quite tall and the material on the upper part is flexible enough to fit perfectly around your ankle once the bootstraps are tightened. The height of the boots ensures that your whole ankle is supported evenly, which is great for clumsy waders like myself.

As long as you choose the correct size, foot support should not be an issue as well. Keep in mind that Vision has accounted for the neoprene sock of your waders when making these boots, so do not go overboard and buy yourself boots that are 2-3 sizes larger than what you usually wear. Personally, I wear size 11 casual shoes, and the size 11 Musta Michelin’s fit perfectly.

However, from my experience working at the fly shop, going 1 size larger than what you usually wear is the safest bet, especially when shopping online. All in all, these aren’t quite outstanding in any way when it comes to comfort and support. However, the Musta Michelin boots have all you need to feel safe and comfortable on the water.


There really isn’t much to say when it comes to the durability of these specific wading boots just yet. No surprises here, they have only been out for a couple of months. No complaints as of yet, though. Not from me, nor any of our customers, which is a great sign for things to come.

If they are anything like the prior Vision Gummi wading boots, the new Vision Musta Michelin should be a great investment. Not only because of their new sole but also because they should last you quite a while. The sole itself does not seem to have worn a bit even though it has seen some rather extensive use. All the joints, as well as the front bumper, are quite tightly secured, therefore, it does not seem likely that the boots will come apart any time soon.


Of course, style should not be one of the main reasons for buying a pair of wading boots. But there is no shame in admitting that we all like a good looking piece of equipment. Musta Michelin boots aren’t too loud, they do not come in bright colours, nor do they have any crazy features.

What you get is a classic black with slick lines that put off a smooth, yet rugged feel. The quality of their make adds a little something special to the boot. There’s beauty in simplicity and that has never been truer than it is when it comes to Vision Musta Michelin wading boots.


Do not look past the new Musta Michelin by Vision if you are looking for a pair of rubber sole wading boots. They provide great grip and comfort to ensure that the time you spend on the water is that little bit more pleasurable.

Grip 9/10
Comfort and support 9/10
Durability 10(?)/10
Style 7/10