Salmon Fly Fishing CAMP 2H19!


Every year from the 1st to the 15th of October us Salmon fishing enthusiasts gather on the banks of Šventoji in hopes of catching the Queen of Lithuanian freshwaters. We know this time period simply as Camp.

It is the salmon that brings us together from all parts of the world every year. Catching it, however important it may be, is not the only reason to visit the camp. It is the atmosphere that is created by every fisherman, every evening by the fire, and every story told with eyes that are full of enthusiasm, hopes, and plans.

To make sure that the cold and damp Autumn evenings are a little warmer, we have built a shed which can only add to the warm atmosphere of the camp.

Want To Join?

Anyone who wishes to join CAMP 2H19 is welcome. It does not matter if you only plan to visit for a day or spend the whole two weeks camping. Remember, participation in the camp is completely FREE! All you need is a tent, some food, and to arrive at the camp itself.

You can find the camp HERE! 

What Do I Need To Know?

We love and treasure nature and our surroundings and expect the same from everyone looking to join the camp. That’s why the only rule we have is to leave your environment looking better than it was when you found it.
This year the fly fishing community gathered in the camp to clean it up and make it a pleasurable place to stay it. Any attempts to mess it up will not be tolerated.

It does not matter if you are an avid fly fisherman or just want to spend time in nature trying to get immersed in the secrets of salmon fishing without even touching a rod. The people that gather here love nature and have massive respect towards all salmon. We perceive it as a worthy opponent and not a source of income.

Are you the same? Let’s meet up by the river October 1-15 at ┼áventoji!