5 Best chub-fishing flies for the Summer

The 2019 Chub Cup is just around the corner and there are only two weeks left to register. However, what should you do if your fly box is still empty with just a few weeks to go and you have no idea what works best? There is no better place to find the answer to this question since you will find 5 of the most effective flies for chub fishing below! Tried and tested by us, you have our word!

1. Wasp

The wasps tend to start flying fairly early on in the season and you can see a weakened wasp floating on the surface of the water pretty much all through the dry fly season. They are very easy to tell apart as well, so the chubs know exactly what they’re getting with a mouthful of black and yellow.

Here’s what you’ll need to tie one:
Hook: http://museline.lt/produktas/kamasan-b830/
Foam: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/sintetika/puta/
Chenille: http://museline.lt/produktas/wapsi-chenille-standart-black/
Saddle: http://museline.lt/produktas/wapsi-cock-hackle-brown/
Thread: http://museline.lt/produktas/utc-70-denier-100-yds-black/
Legs: http://museline.lt/produktas/fts-legs-white-black-scale/

2. Cockchafer

Cockchafers are an amazing source of protein, which makes it easy to tell why chubs love them so much, it is incredibly hard to resist such energy-rich food in the wild. Tying a cockchafer is also very easy, which makes it one of the favourites among fly anglers.

To tie one you’ll need:
Hook: http://museline.lt/produktas/kamasan-b170/
Chenille: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/sintetika/chenille-yarn/
Foam: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/sintetika/puta/
Thread: http://museline.lt/produktas/utc-70-denier-100-yds-black/
Dubbing: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/dubingai/bug-dub-slf/
Varnish: http://museline.lt/produktas/veniard-varnish-clear/

3. Alder Leaf Beetle

You should never look past this dark, long bug when fishing for chubs. Often you’ll see them falling down from tree branches into the river which is one of the favourite foods for many fish, including chubs. Although these bugs usually live on alder trees they can be found on many other trees as well, so make sure to cast under the branches with this one, it is bound to result in a monster chub sooner or later.

The only things you need to tie an Alder Leaf Beetle are:
Hook: http://museline.lt/produktas/kamasan-b830/
Foam: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/sintetika/puta/
Peacock herl: http://museline.lt/produktas/veniard-peacock-eyes/
Legs: http://museline.lt/produktas/fts-legs-red-black/
Thread: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/siulai-vielos-blizguciai/siulai/

4. Pulsar

Even though the summer has been hotter than usual so far, the weather isn’t always so good for fishing dry flies. Rainy, windy or colder than usual days are not the best for skipping bugs across the surface. That’s where the Pulsar comes to aid. Although frequently used for chub fishing in spring, it is just as effective during summer. You can tie this one in a variety of sizes ranging from small size 14 hooks to larger, size 6 or even size 4 ones, having at least few Pulsars in different sizes is a must for every chub fisherman.

Here’s what you’ll need to tie one:

Hook: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/kabliukai/Paprasti-kabliukai?product_id=6705
Thread: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/siulai-vielos-blizguciai/siulai
Wire: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/siulai-vielos-blizguciai/vielos
Lead wire: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/siulai-vielos-blizguciai/vielos?product_id=6769
Dubbing: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/dubingai/dubingo-rinkiniai?product_id=7138
Feathers: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/plunksnos/genetiniai-skalpai/Whiting%20Coq%20De%20Leon

5. Black Zulu

We’ll end this list with a lifelong classic – a wet fly by the name of Black Zulu. It is said that “simplicity is genius” was first uttered by a man that has tied and tried out a Black Zulu for the first time. It is a simple fly that is great both for beginner fly tyers and fly anglers alike.

Tie it with a few simple materials:

Hook: http://museline.lt/produktas/kamasan-b175/
Thread: http://www.museline.lt/museliu-risimo-medziagos/siulai-vielos-blizguciai/siulai
Lead Wire: http://museline.lt/produktas/veniard-svinas/
Wire: http://museline.lt/produktas/veniard-sidabrine-viela/
Silk: http://museline.lt/produktas/uni-floss-chinese-red/
Dubbing: http://museline.lt/produkto-kategorija/museliu-risimo-medziagos/dubingai/prism-slf/
Saddle: http://museline.lt/produktas/wapsi-chinese-rooster-neck-black/

More info on the Chub Cup: http://museline.lt/2019/05/22/registration-for-the-2019-chub-cup/?lang=en