Registration for the 2019 Chub Cup

The registration for the 2019 Chub Cup has begun! This year, the competition will take place in two stages in two different rivers!

The registration closes on the 21st of June and you can register to either both stages at once or register to any single stage you want to participate in. The starting fee for a stage is 15 Euro.

To register, please contact and provide your First name, last name, phone number, and email.

This year the number of participants is not limited and the fishing area for each stage has been enlarged due to a lack of space to meet the participant reviews from last year. You will be able to fish anywhere in the river that the stages take place at, for example, the first stage takes place at the Šešupė river on the 29th of June and you can fish the entire length of the river.

The second stage will take place at the Dubysa river on the 27th of July.

Every participant MUST have a smartphone with Internet access and a FishFriender app.

For more information, contact or call +37068418332

The biggest change this year in the implication of the FishFriender app that allows for the organizers to follow the results of the competition. This is a massive step forward for our fishing competitions.

First of all, this is not an app created solely for Fishing tournaments, as its main purpose is to act as a fishing diary where you can store pictures of the fish you catch and videos of them being released.

The app also acquires info about the weather and hydrological conditions in your area which allows you to follow the activity of the fish. You can mark the precise spot of where the catch has been made as well, which you can share with other users of the app.

If you want to keep your secret spot, however, you can do so by marking it as secret and you will be the only one to have access to this information.

This app was used in such high-level competitions as the GUNKI Iron Tournament in 2018.