CAMP 2018 Ĺ ventoji, lauĹľas, dvirankiai

RIVEREXPRESS – Adventure begins


We started 2019 off with a bang. All throughout January and February we were chasing salmon ant sea trout with a van full of crazy fishermen. To be honest, it was the best winter fly fishing season ever for us. And that’s how the RIVEREXPRESS brand was born.


We are crazy about friends, adventures and fly fishing. That’s why we try to spend as much time as possible travelling, exploring, fishing, camping, and simply enjoying nature. Last year we organized a few trips for our friends, and everyone had an amazing time. Those were the first steps towards the birth of RIVEREXPRESS. Don’t mess with turkeys if you want to fly with eagles. By traveling with us you’ll get expert knowledge and best fly fishing lessons from experienced anglers, all while having an experience of a lifetime. This year we will host some short 2-4 day trips and some longer 7-10 day adventures with our friends and customers. Hikes along the most beautiful rivers are also in our plans. Simply pack your bag and join us for 2-3 day hikes exploring the gorgeous Lithuanian nature, camping, rafting, and enjoying the best that nature has to offer.


You can find some of our adventures on our YouTube channel and Facebook. And, of course, follow us and feel free join in on the upcoming adventures!

Friends, Journeys, Adventures!