New salmon season is about to start here in Lithuania. First fishes are allready caught. It’s been a cold july and fishermen are happy. However upcomming season not only bring joy. It allso reminds us of old problems and are rapidly increasing.

There are few spots in Nemunas and Neris (largest rivers in Lithuania) where numerous salmon is resting during summer. Ofcourse a lot of fishermen knows it. Unfortunately some of them tries to hook the fish in any posible way. The “best” of it is pilker fishing. Guys are using extremely heavy pilkers, cast ir up stream, let it drown and then swinging it spining the real realy fast.

And guess what our authority thinks of it? :”The problem is known, but there is not much to do”… Amazing. There were some advices to make Salmon fishing catch and release only, so there could be no way to cheat for poachers, and all the rights to fish for anglers at the same time. But instead of that we are facing a lot of new prohibitions. A lot of great fishing pools was closed last season. This season number of prohibitions are about to increase. So where are we going now?

More problems about Salmon in Lithuania is coming soon. Stay tuned…