Fly fishing – Finnmark 27.08.2014 – Mika Vainio

One of those days. It’s foggy, cold and it’s raining whole day. You feel thirsty, hungry, tired and cold. Friends are calling, as they are heading already back to camp. That sounds like an excellent option, as you have been fishing whole day without any success. Different pools, different flies, different styles and nothing seems to work. You are ready to give up. We decided not to give up. And just five minutes after… „I think it’s like 6 kilos salmon. Fuck! That’s much more than 6 kilos! Rock ‘n’ roll!!“

Music: Sigur Rós „Sæglópur“

Director / camera / edit: Juuso Syrjä

Sorry about the quality, as it was raining constantly and I was forced to use only GoPro…